Join More CDL Students

what we do

Join More CDL Students

Our funding options will help more students to enroll in your truck driving school. This will create more consistent CDL training classes.

Every year, thousands of applicants are denied admission to CDL schools due to insufficient funding. Many more students could join your program using our unique underwriting model.

what we offer

Maximize your CDL training class sizes

Every class commencement presents a chance not only to boost your income and profitability but also to facilitate the entry of numerous students into the trucking industry. Vacant seats equate to zero revenue for your institution and can lead to financial losses.

Maintaining full classes for your training programs strengthens your institution and expands the range of training opportunities available.

Enroll More Students

Join More Students

We take into account their future earnings in granting funding approvals. Full class starts enable your training team to establish a more efficient operational rhythm, leading to enhancements in your program and bolstering your reputation.

Control the approval proces

Control the approval process and control your class starts

Utilizing our well-established scoring model, we consider additional variables that can guarantee the successful repayment of loans. These factors encompass employment history, residential stability, co-applicants, and also gauge the commitment of the student, as reflected in the down payment they contribute. This means that your team controls the approval flow and the down payment you want.

Custom Funding programs for your CDL School

Custom Funding programs for your CDL School

Every CDL School is different. V3 Funding can tailor a solution to fit your needs. We strive to get a “YES” when working with your staff so you can enroll more students. Lets Talk!

The scoring system V3 uses is very unique and allows us to decide which students we approve and what their down payment will be – it helps us maximize the revenue for each class and make sure we have no empty seats in each Co-hort.

Al – Truck School PrĂ©sident


The application is very simple for my representatives to complete and the questions V3 asks helps my representatives really fact find the customer and make sure we have a motivated student that will join our program and go to work in the industry.

Carlos – Admissions Team Leader


I was switching driving jobs (for a higher paying job) and their customer services representatives were very easy to get a hold of when I was stopped for the night. Because I had a good payment history they were able to extend my payment date to cover my paycheck switches. Thanks !
Ps- I made so much in my new job I paid the loan in full 23 months early.

Sean – Student borrower CDL Driver


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